Centre director Johan Rockström gives a background to the major environmental challenges the world is facing and how to deal with them.

Massive Online Open Course

Planetary boundaries and human opportunities

Open online course on emerging concepts within sustainability science.

Stockholm Resilience Centre hosts in partnership with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Education Initiative (SDSN EDU) two successful editions of a massive open online course (MOOC) on the state of the planet. The course is designed to help students explore and apply a range of emerging concepts within sustainability science.

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The eight week course - Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities: The Quest for a Safe and Just Operating Space - features lectures from some of the world’s leading experts on global sustainability and resilience, such as centre director Professor Johan Rockström.

Professor Garry Peterson, one of the instructors of the MOOC. Photo: Tad Fettig, KontentReal 

Becoming planetary stewards
The course is an essential introduction to how our planet is changing, the causes of change, and the risks and the solutions for long-term planetary stability as our population grows to nine billion people within a few decades.

"We wanted to create a course that will change worldviews. Anyone who has an interest in the future of our planet should enroll and become planetary stewards," says Johan Rockström, centre director.

"There is now a mountain of evidence that humans have pushed Earth into a new state, a geological epoch, the Anthropocene, where humans begin to dominate processes at the scale of the earth system."

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Staff details

Course instructors

Johan Rockström, Executive Director of Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Sarah Cornell, Coordinator of the Planetary Boundaries research laboratory.

Garry Peterson, Professor in Environmental Sciences with key focus on resilience in social-ecological systems.

Carl Folke, Science Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Lisa Deutsch, Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies.

Thomas Elmqvist, Professor in Natural Resource Management

Victor Galaz, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in political science

External instructor

Kevin Noone, Professor of Meteorology at the Department of Applied Environmental Science at Stockholm University.


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